Targeted Mailings Utilizing CaseSearch

Targeted Mailings are the bread and butter of your advertising. You are making contact and communicating your message to individuals who need an attorney right now.

We provide for you or provide to you the necessary tools for daily targeted mailings. The process is easy for you because we walk you through every aspect. We also aid with the required monthly Attorney Grievance Commission filings and can help you create a personalized advertising piece. You will not find an easier system for you and your legal practice.

Our pricing is competitive, and no contracts are required. Our daily data includes Criminal, Traffic, Civil and ‘Unique Leads’.

For a minimal fee per county you will receive daily in an Excel file ALL new data from CaseSearch. Your office will then process your mailings. This is a great option as it enables you to decide daily which potential clients to contact based on charge, case type, location, budget, or anything at all.

We can also handle direct mailings on your behalf for a set fee per letter. We provide the data and process your mailings to the Post Office daily. We adhere to your mailing guidelines and will filter data any way you wish.